What My Stomach Parasite Taught Me About The Male Gaze
E Sailer Sklar

This is actually a wonderful article but I wish someone would tell young writers, male and female, to leave out stuff like “Capitalism makes it difficult for women to ever escape the oppression of the patriarchy via the media and corporate advertising interests” i.e. “Look! I went to college!!!” rhetoric.

Something like this:

“In summary, I had a lot of diarrhea when I was 19 and while it briefly made me hotter, I think it also made me smarter.”

Is so great, and then it gets shat upon (sorry) by the obligatory “I’ve read all the right books too btw” stuff. Unless you’re John Berger (hint: you’re not John Berger — read Ways of Seeing, which — hate to tell ya, talked best about the “male gaze” before it was a phrase) you can’t get away with it. It’s such a turn off when a writer with so much to say and the ability to say it well sabotages themselves with that SJW white noise.

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