I, Racist
John Metta

“To understand, you have to know that Black people think in terms of Black people.”

And THAT is the problem. Cheering OJ’s acquittal just because he’s black. Sticking up for thieves like Mike Brown just because he’s black. Refusing to drive blatant hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson out of the public square, just because they’re black. Rioting over Rodney King because he’s black. Ad nauseum.

You think of yourselves as a collective BUT you want others to judge you as individuals? Sorry, you have to pick one.

Here’s an idea: Stop thinking that way. Think of yourself as an individual. Not as a “cousin” or a “nephew” either. That’s another thing: African Americans seem reluctant to break away from the losers in their families. Why? Failure is contagious, as this African American writer found out:


What do you think drove most of the voluntary immigrants to America? They wanted to get away from their suffocating lazy loser bitter fatalistic “heywhatareyagonnado?” relatives in Europe and make something of themselves.

Don’t whine about the smart person in your family who moved away. God, you sound almost Irish…

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