What is this racist nonsense?
Whitney Harris

Yes, I know: statistics are “racist” and invented by the white man to keep you down! Who needs that old white man “math” and stuff?!

Slavery wasn’t limited to the US. I realize you are a product of the inferior US educational system, so you think it was. In fact, Jews were slaves in ancient Egypt, the Slavs were slaves in Europe (that’s where the word “slave” comes from), the Irish indentured servants in the US Colonies had higher fatality rates than black slaves (because blacks were considered more valuable), and today, Muslims continue to keep slaves in the Middle East. US slavery was abolished in the late 1800s so you don’t get to keep using it as an excuse for your own failure.

Please educate yourself about redlining:

The fact is, evil George Bush insisted that normal lending criteria be abolished so that blacks and Hispanics could get home loans easier — and their above average number of defaults caused the entire economy to collapse.

Why do people of colour live in destitution? Is it because their cultures do not valorize higher education, marriage, not having children out of wedlock, settling scores by other means than violence, not obsessing about “being disrespected” and attacking “snitches,” hanging out at “da club” instead of studying algebra, not trying to better yourself because you might lose your food stamps and subsidized housing…?

Jews and Asians are both “people of colour.” So are Sikhs and Hindus. They have been persecuted throughout history (usually by Muslims, with the exception of Asians, who just persecute each other).

Amazingly enough, they generally value all those “bougie” boring traditional things and also amazingly, all have lower incarceration rates and higher household incomes than African-Americans. Weird, huh?

But by all means, keep bitching about “black Wall Street” and shit that happened in 1952 or whatever. Enjoy your misery and resentment and faux history. I understand from the likes of Al Sharpton that it can pay quite well too. It sounds like you are well on your way to getting one of those quarter million dollar a year “diversity” jobs in corporate America too.