Sleep Training and Kickstarter Go Together Like PB&J

Disclaimer: This article discusses sleep training as one method to deal with sleep troubles for toddlers. If you do not agree with sleep training, stop reading now.

I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and I sleep trained my toddler the night before. He cried hysterically for an hour. I cried for an hour. And then it was all better. I launched my campaign 10 hours later.

I have sleep trained him multiple times before. Sometimes it took 5 minutes of him crying and then he fell asleep, but I cried every time. In the two weeks leading up to the campaign launch, he was getting up multiple times a night asking me to sleep next to him. I obliged but woke up every morning with blood shot eyes and an aching back. As much as I love my son, I still deserve to sleep soundly and be a functional human being the next day. He isn’t a newborn who needs the boob every few hours. I am attuned to his emotional needs, but I have to be attuned to my needs too. So with my husband out of town (sleep training is the toughest on him), I resolved to sleep train him that night. There are many methods, but I prescribe to the one where I check-in every 5 minutes and reassure him that it’s time for bed and that Mommy loves him.

Nothing is easy with parenting. Whether it’s sleep training or hearing your child roll on the floor because they want ANOTHER piece of chocolate, we have to seek solace in knowing that we are doing our best. We are all balancing the tantrums with the giggles, the piles of dishes with the piles of lego creations, and the incessant drooling with the early morning kisses. This is not about whether you’re a working parent or not. Raising kids is tough, period.

I was launching my Kickstarter campaign for a modular, easy to use kids mealtime kit the next day. I spent countless hours the days leading up to it reaching out to friends, family, and media / bloggers for support, not including the months of prototyping, working with manufacturers, nailing down costs, and all that goes into setting up a company. That was NOT all for naught. A successful Kickstarter campaign will help raise funds to bring this product and company to life. And, I was not going to let my son’s refusal to sleep by himself (when he did just THAT two weeks ago!) ruin both of our nights and days. So he cried and I cried. It was ok. He woke up smiling and showered me with kisses. That night, we survived parenthood together.

I intend to write about parenting and launching a crowdfunding campaign during my 30 day campaign. I will relay personal stories of struggle and joy peppered in with some tips / lessons learned about my entrepreneurial journey. Please follow my campaign here and wish me luck!

Healthcare expert, product entrepreneur, and parent. She might post some of her Mediter-Indian recipes here.

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