Saturday the thirteenth of May

One bad thing about today:

  • I got soo oo o ooooo drunk that I had to go home early from what would have been a fun evening in Hackney Wick with someone I rarely see. It hadn’t happened in a while, but we were drinking all day and got carried away. Shame. Life.

Three good things about today:

  • I started late, but once I was awake I had a nice day drawing and chilling, before somehow being energised enough to cycle all the way to Clapham. Mainly involved cycling into the wind on big roads with debris flying into my eyes, but nonetheless I made it in one piece and consider it a small achievment.
  • V’s birthday in the park was lovely- we played rounders and prosecco fountained. Later in the flat we spoke about boys and girls and I loved my friends.
  • Had some nice chats with R- sharing lovely things with people you don’t see very often is a reminder that there are all sorts of wonderful people out there doing their thing and experiencing life truly and deeply.