Sunday the fourteenth of May

One bad thing about today:

  • Well I was fucking hungover.

Three good things about today:

  • I had a really really lovely lie in, one where I was truly in the moment but also out of my mind and in the clouds and stars. I had all sorts of strange free thoughts about life, about relaxation, about hallucination and a very deep and satisfied enjoyment of drifting and dancing around the edges of counsciousness and the other things. I had a particularly weird thought where I tried to pretend I was on acid and imagined manuscripts with animals coming out of them and some weird shit. Pretending to be on acid is probably a good exercise for creativity.
  • Luckily, or not, I had left my bike in Clapham and so had to go back. Long, but good to get out of the house. Also had to fix my phone that inexplicably broke. Had some pizza and gin with V and nice silly hungover conversations.
  • Cycled to see J in Brixton for a barbeque with her housemates. Had some wine and ate corn as the light dimmed and the week drew to a close.