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Few quick tips. Sorry for redundancy, if you are already doing some or all of them.

  • I see traffic from You should tighten the geo-targeting. Select specific locations and option of “users in that location”. Just to be safe, explicitly exclude traffic from India and other countries where your ads were shown.
  • Traffic from doubleclick indicates your ads are being shown on display network as well. Confirm that campaign is set to run on Search Network only. (There’s also an option of Search + Display, which is default targeting.)
  • Incorporate an ad schedule to show your ads only during certain hours of day and days of week.
  • If mobile traffic doesn’t work well for you, set a mobile bid modifier.
  • Make appropriate use of keyword match types. The default match type is broad, which can bring in irrelevant traffic, which may explain very high bounce rate.
  • Download Search Terms Report and see what people are actually searching and clicking on your ad. You will be able to confirm that these are the users you want to target.

Hope this helps.

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