6 great terrorist in this world :

Some people do not get the chance to overcome false thoughts with their thoughts. some people get their full strength to strengthen their positive resolve, then the other is weakening them. they are not worried about these things . The only reason for this is themselves., and the third type of people who know what I have to do but are stuck in the whole of the illusionist thoughts.

This article of ours makes you aware of some such fantasies. You must know very well what secrets are necessary to know to live this life and which secrets should be rejected unessentially. Now we have to know about such facts that will make your life go smoothly. Like a knowledgeable person on the go, you have some more special things related to tolerance, hard work and knowledge yoga which will teach your 2020 to live in some new style.

There are six types of terrorists

6.kidnapping of a foreign woman.

1. Poisoner : first one ,means that the person giving poison will not have an exaggeration to say that nowadays people play with the lives of others to save their lives. He lives devoid of all consciousness. that is, if he forgets his physical actions, then he attains the top position in this type of category and forgets all the basics of life .and behaves like animals, not humans in this world. Who is indecent and regrettable,. but he hears the voice of his mind in a similar way and does not want to change it. because he is after this prophet public What will be the result of this because he feels that by doing the resultant, one can be free from the sins committed by his actions, these are his wrong feelings, which every moment of his life keeps him devoid of the feeling that he will be free from the bondage of these deeds. Will never be free and he is seeing the wrong result coming from his feeling, which is forcing him to take another step towards hell.

2. House fire :

If you take the second category of terror, then stay away from them is not only our perspective, but when thinking from any point of view in the world, it is only heard that keep such a person away from us. We have no component. I say, this type of terrorists are false egotists who tell the voice of the mind in another way, which does not have any component, like a good citizen in this life. In this, these people are also entitled to suffer punishment due to their misconceptions.

3. deadly weapon attacker : I do not think that the third type of these terrorists do not play some major role. These are the third type of terrorists who are lethal weapons. They understand it as physical blows, they are not just physical attacks. Rather it does not diminish its role in the same kind of soul. Such people cannot win their minds, that is, they cannot control the mind in their own way, however these people choose this way And there are also a part of hell.

4. money looter :

When we talk about the fourth type of terrorist, these people never grow out of the spirit of virtue, and these people can never become a great man, and they are never satisfied,. no matter how dirty their area is. And eventually they too go to hell.

5.land grabber :If we talk about fifth terrorists then one word becomes mandatory, that they cannot be compared to the category of human beings in any way. Such type of terrorists do not believe in themselves and hence self confidence There is a lack of. And one who does not have confidence, gets caught up in all the dilemmas and goes to the wrong path and consequently gets the wrong result as punishment. ...

6.foreign wife kidnapper :If we talk about the last and the most dangerous terrorist, then he himself does not know what the result of the action is and with what feeling he should do it. They lack restraint which ultimately makes them something that is unforgivable and which does not get any option of backwardness.

It is not a sin to kill all these terrorists ,and they should be killed immediately.




Some of my untold things will make you head to the ocean of knowledge.

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suraj singh rajput

suraj singh rajput

Some of my untold things will make you head to the ocean of knowledge.

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