Doggone it! Dogsledding adventure in Canada

Remembering my Dogsledding adventure at the Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada evokes a chequerboard of emotions in me, both black and white and almost in equal measure. It had the perfect whiteness in it being a one of a kind adventure and a bold brushstroke of black by the demanding physical strength it required (and I have never given a penny’s thought towards my physical fitness). In retrospect, the white really covers that black for me; sitting at this airport lounge in Toronto all I remember when I turn back the clock and relive this experience, is the thrill I felt.

Imagine, you’re dashing through the snow behind a pack of wild, albeit very well trained, dogs with nothing to slow you down besides a wooden sled and a piece of rubber with picks in it and heavy snow obstructing your senses — vision, breathing, touch…

The best part about dogsledding for me was that we (I went with 3 other friends) got to handle the dogs and help the staff put them on the sleds, learn each of their names (my team had Johannes (my friend), Mangles, Laser, Tipsy, Hank and Logan) and see around 250 huskies frolicking about in their outdoor pen — the dogs sleep in little huts outside even in -40 degrees centigrade!

Huskies beside their pens

While you’ll definitely have a sudden yearning to adopt a husky, after you see… read the rest here.

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