Havelock Island: In the company of Divers and Loners

Embedded in the Andaman Sea like an emerald jewel, Havelock Island (a part of the larger Andaman Island group in India) remains a hidden treasure, because it is not for everyone. Brought up with third-world sensibilities, I’ve learnt to live by the mantra of controlled expectations, especially when it comes to going somewhere new. Planning and guidebooks are not my cuppa, so sometimes when everything falls into place, it is usually when I find something that I didn’t even know I was looking for.

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When I got off the ferry on Havelock in the Andaman Islands, I realized I was outside the confines of mainstream India. While mobile phones proverbially outnumber toilets on the mainland, connectivity on the island is virtually non-existent. Internet cafes are slow and expensive, and even the most lavish resorts don’t offer Wi-Fi. There are only two ATMs on the entire island and if anything goes wrong with them, ferries to Port Blair take 2.5 hours on a good day and run only four times a day. For all its exotification, island life feels like a vulnerable, isolated experience. That’s why I loved every minute of it.

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Don’t go to Havelock Island for luxury. For all-inclusive, all-night lifestyle of massages and beach parties, head instead to the islands of Thailand on the other side of the Andaman Sea. But if you are willing to forsake creature comforts and experience an authentic, nearly unadulterated contemporary culture, Havelock Island is unbeatable.

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