Product Roadmap: Shopping Comparison App (name TBD)

My product idea is an app that allows consumers to easily compare products when shopping online.

I developed my product roadmap using Trello. Because this app is still in the conceptulization phases, my product roadmap focuses on pre-development user research using prototypes. (View full product roadmap).

I decided to lay my roadmap out into the following sections: Brainstorming, Ideation, Prototype, QA, Design / Development and added an additional section for feature requests / ideas based on user feedback.

By developing a prototype product using wireframes, I will be able to conduct a series of interactive user research interviews where I can monitor how they interact with the app, take note of their actions and adapt my UI / UX accordingly.

Once I determine the most universal uses for the app, I can hire an engineer to help develop an MVP to Beta test.

After consulting with an engineer, the development time for the MVP is variable depending on the features required and the amount of time that can be dedicated (estimated time to launch a beta version of the app with a full time engineer and UX designer on staff is 6–8 months). Assuming this timeline is accurate, and no additional staff is needed, the minimum investment to launch a beta version of the app would be aproximately $120K.