Tragedy In Orlando

I woke up this morning to the sound of helicopters overhead. Normally, when I hear the helicopters above, I know that some emergency has occurred because I live under a mile from the hospital. This morning was different as the sound of the helicopters never went away so I knew something really bad had occurred. I turned on the news and to my disbelief I saw that there was a mass shooting event in Orlando.

We hear of mass shooting events occurring across the world, but when it occurs in under a mile from where you lay your head, it feels very surreal. I reflected upon this a bit more as a few hours before hand, I was down at RumFest having a blast with my friends and we were worry free, laughing, conversing, smiling, etc… This had to be the same feeling that that the folks at Pulse were having as well. In an instant, lives changed. We never know when our lives will change for the better or the worse. We will never be able to predict or be prepared for these life altering events. Tomorrow is never guaranteed but today your life and mine has been extended.

We must transcend for the sake of our future generations to be better… To love one another more… To be more patient… To be more understanding of each other’s differences… To be more respectful… To be more tolerant…

Give your family and friends a hug today. Tell them how much you love them.. #PrayForTheWorld #LivesMatter

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