The high tides, representing the nature of child abuse and lost children in internet. (Picture by: UNSPLASH on

A Non-Comprehensive review of UNICEF Child Online Protection in India Report

I recently came across this UNICEF report on my desk, and I felt the need to talk about it. This is not a comprehensive review of that in any way, this is just a little information on the report, though a fully comprehensive review is on its way. For me, this report can be broadly divided into two parts, for now, first ranging from introduction to causes to current happenings and actions till now, second being the established laws in India and governmental actions taken yet or are in pursuit.

This report majorly covers the dark side of providing the internet and online services to everyone irrespective of their age, especially talking about children. The risks associated, forms of child abuse, cyber bullying, child pronography and much more, some hard hitting examples from real life events, and eye opening facts on the current legislation and government actions. Without any knowledge of this dark side of the internet, there are more threats than advantages for children, taking into account the recent “Blue-Whale” incident it’s very important for us to make everyone aware of Digital Citizenship and Internet Maturity.

You can get the report here:

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