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So, today was the iPhone’s 10th Anniversary Launch, apple’s revolutionary devices have transformed our lives, and the rapid anticipation of the newest model including the leaks, millions of people live streaming the event, and people placing pre-orders is proof that we still need more. The event began with The Beatles, Tim then evoking tears in audience’s eyes by remembering Steve Jobs, it wasn’t until last 20 minutes of the event when its brand new iPhone X was introduced to everyone.

iPhone X

Picture by: Bloomberg/David Paul Morris/ Getty Images.
“Innovations after innovations after innovations has led to this moment…” ~ Tim Cook

This is the most complete redesign of an iPhone ever, and even offers us an glimpse into the future. Well, obviously you won’t buy one, but even if you can afford the Super High Price of it and want to one, getting hands on the iPhone X for the next couple of months would be like hunting for the Holy Grail. Except in this case, the fancy one is the right answer.

This iPhone looks like no other phone, actually it doesn’t even look like an iPhone, on the front side, it’s screen head to foot, except for a small trapezoidal notch taken out of the top where Apple puts it’s large array of sensors and a front facing camera. Phone’s a stunner with a $999 price tag (₹64,000 without the taxes) it goes on to pre-order on October 27 and it ships in US from November 3. The Super High Priced phone comes with something Apple calls “Super Retina Display” it’s a 5.8" display when measure diagonally and has a whooping 2436x1125 resolution with 458ppi (pixel per inch), oh and did I mention it’s OLED, yeah, it’s finally here. Apple’s also incorporated its TrueTone technology for white-balancing the screen in different conditions, which should make everything look even better. The iPhone’s size-to-screen ratio was always the smallest when compared to others, thanks to the Home Button and Apple’s undying love for design and symmetry.

Apple has introduced it’s new A11 Bionic chipset with 3 gigs of RAM for all of it’s new iPhones, including this one. This might just be a good thing, because this phone needs all the power it can get, along with Apple’s flashy animations all over the place, it’s set for Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. The battery is no exception when it comes to this new phone — Apple claims that it lasts 2 hours more than the iPhone 7 — and so is the way of charging it. Now you won’t have to plug your X into a cable because guess what? Wireless charging, Wooohooo!! So RAD. Apple is adopting the Qi standard, so it will work with current Qi pads by companies like Mophie and Belkin.

The camera now has Optical Image Stabilization for both of its 12MP lenses, it’s new iOS 11 and sensors support 240fps slow-mo recording in 1080p, and a better film-style 4k videos. These dual cameras are having f/1.8 and f/2.4 apertures. The flash is qual LED True-Tone Flash.

Coming to the Face of the Hour, FaceID, this replaces your fingerprint. To unlock your phone you’ll hold it up to your face, to pay for things you’ll hold it up to your face, to take a picture of you…you’ll hold it up to your face. Apple says, it needs your attention to unlock, so when you are not looking at it it’ll automatically lock screen. All of these facial recognition features are possible because of the number of different sensors packed inside the notch on the top of the phone. Apple also threw some numbers at us when talking about the security of FaceID — Apple said, there’s a 1 in a 50,000 chance to unlock your phone by TouchID, where as a 1 in a 1,000,000 chance to unlock your FaceID — they claimed that it’s faster too, about as snappy as TouchID.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Picture by: Bloomberg/David Paul Morris/ Getty Images.

If you can’t get your hand on the iPhone X, Apple’s got you back with the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus they both look like iPhone 7 — with Home Button too! — but offers new upgrades to go with iPhone X. They both come packed with the new A11 Bionic Chip with 2 gigs of RAM. Both have glass backs, Retina Display, ouch! sorry people no OLEDs here. You can buy it for $699(₹45,000 without taxes) for the regular one, and $799(₹51,200 without taxes) for the bigger one, they come in Space Grey, Silver and brand new Gold finish. They start pre-order in US from September 15 and they start shipping out by September 22. They both support wireless charging though.

Apple TV

Picture by: Bloomberg/David Paul Morris/ Getty Images.

The Cupertino folks are dead serious about the television and it’s future. I guess it’s because they won 2 Emmys for the previous one.

The new box looks exactly like the old box, the good ‘ol siri remote still looks the same too. It can now push crispy 4k and HDR content to your TV. Maybe it’s a good thing that Apple is late to the party as the sales of 4K TVs has recently spiked and with streaming companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others pushing their 4K contents, people just might bundle this with their new Television.

It has a new A10X processor same as the iPad Pro, Apple said that it’s twice as fast and the content you bought in HD in iTunes will be upgraded to 4K for no additional cost, it also features its new 4K screen-savers, which featured crispy drone shots of different places, because why not?. Apple even said that the 4K content will be priced same as the HD. It comes with the new tvOS 11, which comes with the support of Airplay 2 and Airpods, good for you bad motherf***ers out there!. It brings Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV filling a giant whole, it also includes some major upgrades which will make downloading and installing apps easier.

They showed us a tighter iteration of ESPN for live sports, and how they’ve managed to upgrade the UI in terms of displaying scores, current matches, live games of your favorite team and much more. The new box ships September 22 for $179 and up depending on storage. You can still buy the old, white-bearded and bruised one for $149.

Apple Watch Series 3

Picture by: Bloomberg/David Paul Morris/ Getty Images.
“Go anywhere with Just your Apple Watch…” ~ Tim Cook

Fitness has been the most common reason as to why people buy Apple Watch, with all its rings and colors it’s ahead of its competitors which has monochrome displays and laggy UI. Apple even started a big partnership with Nike connecting the gym equipments to the watch and launching Nike Edition watches.

The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a couple of upgrades, the only one that matters is: it now connects to LTE. Which is a huge deal for fitness freaks who hate armbands and the the phone in their pockets swing a little too much making it uncomfortable, or even the one who is too tired to run back home, they can now leave their phones at home and order an Uber from watch, or attend the important calls from the watch itself while running. It starts with $329(₹21,000 without taxes) without cellular network and $399(₹25,600 without taxes) with cellular network, and it’s coming September 22. Coming a new ceramic Grey finish, which was looking pretty sleek on the projector. It looks same as before, and it’s nearly the same, just “two pages thicker” says Apple, the only difference on the out side the the red dot on the “Crown” which basically states that you’re wearing one of those Super-Expensive Edition Watch.

There’s a new dual core processor, which Apple claims that is 70% faster than Series 2. It also uses the new W2 chip for wireless, which Apple uses to keep connection good and battery usage low, plus an altimeter for the snowboarders and skydivers out there.(There was at least one who wooo’d! the whole hall during the announcement, good for you buddy!). The WatchOS 4 has been with developers since June. It also has new watch faces including what looked like a Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, also a Siri based watch face. Talking about Siri, I guess Siri is the most benefitted from the LTE connection, tasks like asking quick questions, starting a run, or starting a playlist while running are some tasks which can come in handy while using the new watch, and paring the Airpods with watch you can stream music straight from watch using Apple Music, making you closer to than ever.


Picture by: Apple (Jony Ive looks flushed in the video, check it out!)

Apple always wants to coin hsi own terms. Try combining the Snapchat puppy filter with the Unicode puppy emoji, well if you can’t Apple has done it for you — a new feature Apple’s calling “Animoji”. This iMessage add-on lets you map your facial expressions through the number of sensors on the new iPhone X and imposes them onto the animal emoji characters available on iOS, which you can then send as animated emoji messages. Totally not weird. Definitely cool. Very amazing.

For me iPhone X makes the most powerful statement the Augmented Reality is going to be here. It’s not just the cool looks and futuristic design of iPhone X that excites me, it’s the idea this phone moves forward, bringing a change in the whole ecosystem once again, it’s the power that Apple holds, to make things work, in a better if not efficient sometimes. iPhone for us is so much more than just a phone, an internet communicator and an iPod, it has been an important part of our life and this completely new redesign of it states that it’s here to make more revolutionary changes.

Here are a couple of notes a made during the event (accidentally these are 10 pages, not even intentional, I swear!):
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