• Gaurav Singhal

    Gaurav Singhal

    Dreamer | #Startup enthusiast | #Growth Strategist | #Marketing Know-Mad

  • Milap Bhojak

    Milap Bhojak

    Data, Design & Open source

  • Shubham Bansal

    Shubham Bansal

  • Aayushman Gupta

    Aayushman Gupta

    UX Designer & Visual Designer

  • Endertech


    A professional team of web designers, software developers, and creative minds. https://goo.gl/qVUBXX

  • Promise Mangum

    Promise Mangum

    I am a creative concept developer for print media, digital content, and physical marketing. I strive to broaden brand awareness across all mediums.

  • Oded Babayoff

    Oded Babayoff

  • Hoang Tung

    Hoang Tung

    Xin chao! I’m a product guy from Vietnam.

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