River, for millennials! #1

We have heard this often, “I don’t plan on buying a car anymore, that’s too much, parking, maintenance, fuel, insurance and then you always want a new one better than your neighbours; isse accha to bas Ola ya Uber kar lo.”

Behind the Quote Calculation:

A) Ola/Uber:

200 daily- 200* 365 ~ 73k/ year

B) Loaning Car ( at least swift):

5,00,000 at 12.5/yr for 5 years: 11.25k/mo.

Thus: 11.25k * 12 ~136k/yr + maintenance + fuel + insurance + parking

Yearly Savings :

136k-73k ~ 63k + maintenance + fuel + insurance + parking,

That’s roughly 1 lakh or 100k per year ; enough for trip every 2 months in India or 1 budget International trip

2 years ago Option A would be preferred choice, but today more people want to go for Option B.The needs are changing now!
“Experiences win the game over Possessions.”
The solution: River , for millennials.

More on River soon!!

Yes you get to own the car after 5 years, but then you will want to buy a new one!! #PromotionsBhiHongeNa ?
DIY, for calulating EMI: (Link: http://emicalculator.net/#)