What motivation does to you.

I need to be the best because I want to. But why do I want to ? There’s no rational answer as to why you do you keep trying for something unless you get it. The best possible of reason to why I want to be the best at something is because I want to. I am into a lot of stuff and hence I have been able to excel in some fields while in some others, even though I have been constantly trying to achieve targets, I am unable to.

I have been gymming for almost about 4 years and there has been only a slight improvement in my size. But on the other hand I have been able to accomplish my academic and social targets with ease. The only difference I have noticed is the presence of motivation.

When motivated to do something I am able to be aware of what I am doing and how will I be able to improve my performance in the future and strive towards perfection. Hence I keep improving.

Also , motivation, like most of us assume, isn’t a one time thing. It is like food and air, we need it constantly to keep our dreams alive and mind focussed and alert. The hunger of motivation is the most important one to be met for if you let it pass, It is difficult to grow.