Why not football.

It’s India. Yeah! I could have used that a couple of years ago, but not now. My friends are all about La Liga, Bundesliga and UEFA and other stuff talking about trade windows if I recall correctly their conversations. But I wasn’t just interested.

Why I had to give it a thought ? Because I play every sport other than football. Of course the normal ones which don’t included golf and squash, like cricket badminton, basketball, table tennis, swimming, or any other sport one could think of but not football.

One reason being that in India sport means cricket , given the legends our country has produced in the field naming one would be disrespectful​ of others. But other sports are considered as a waste of time and money to invest your child into. The sport of cricket is so bright that others are just outshined much like the stars other than the sun in daylight.

What it has also done is that India now has good facilities for cricket, the BCCI is the richest of all the cricket associations and everything other is left out. So, if I had the opportunity of going to a football field near my home as a child , with Goalposts and other stuff, I would have been equally inclined towards it.

Still, since I consider myself as a secular and sovereign being, and hence, to just slip into conversations , I started watching football. Ronaldo. Real Madrid . Lionel Messi. Barcelona. Brazil. Portugal. Spain. Germany. Italy. So much to get into. Which one do I support ? Because unlike cricket, where India is big, we don’t have a national team, so sitting in front of the TV i felt like i could choose god. There’s no default setting here. My friends would talk about so many players apart from the 2 mentioned above that were also good and I would go crazy looking for them on Google because while one has a choice one should try and make the very best of it. Why not? There’s no such time limit.

And then after long periods of research and analysis on which ones to choose for which tournaments I preferred to for the 90 mins stay neutral and enjoy the game.

Also, go Rossi .

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