The Lenon Wall, Prague!

I love traveling, but with the family life setting in, solo traveling or traveling to experience a place more than a tourist was missing. So last summer, I did a solo unplanned trip to Prague. Having visited quite a few places in the city and mesmerised by it, I had already extended my stay in the city by a couple of days. On the day of my departure, there was one place that I had wanted to check out and had not been able to. So up early in the morning, when the majority of the travellers had not woken up, I made a dash to the Lenon Wall and was stunned by it. I spent a couple of hours reading through the messages, put down by numerous other travellers. The wall was a testimony to the true traveler spirit.

Chances are that you may not get to see the same graffiti there, when you visit, (or had visited), for it keeps changing. In my course of reading through the messages I could find a few thoughts that are as close to life lessons as could ever be. Here I list out a few of them.

1. Do not lie to yourself

2. Happiness can be contagious

3. Set yourself free from your fears

4. Say what you mean what you say

5. Don’t sell your dreams

6. A working class hero is something to be

7. Wall Free World

8. No Love without freedom

9. Love to be Young

10. Live the life you will never regret