Analyzing the Black Hat USA 2018 Business Hall

I looked at the vendors to see which VCs are funding them & glean other insights

What type of vendors are showing themselves off in the Business Hall? Are they mostly startups?

How many VCs are dedicated to investing in infosec?

What venture stage are vendors & how much capital are they raising?

How many Private Equity firms are backing companies on the floor?

There are 30 companies backed by 27 total Private Equity firms in the Business Hall this year. While the majority (81%) are mostly one-off investors (though some are also participants in late-stage VC rounds), there are five PE firms that back two or more companies presenting on the floor:

How fresh is the Innovation City?

How U.S.-centric are the vendors at Black Hat, anyway?

How many companies have some form of name collision?

A few notes on the data

Vendors were retrieved from the Black Hat 2018 Business Hall Floorplan, and exclude any federal agencies, educational organizations, or nonprofits. I also excluded any companies in the Career Zone, as they are aiming to recruit security talent rather than sell products or services — for example, I presume Major League Baseball is not selling the latest Threat Intelligence Automation on the Blockchain.


Exactly which VCs funded exactly how many companies exhibiting in the Black Hat USA Business Hall this year?

Which VCs are funding companies present at Black Hat USA?

VP of Strategy @Capsule8. “In the information society, nobody thinks. We expected to banish paper, but we actually banished thought.”

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