Kicking-Off Outreachy

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog! Finally, I got selected for Outreachy 2016. I will be working on the project “Add support for message throttling” at Open Source Robotics Foundation with Carlos Agüero. And this is my first blog to share my Outreachy experiences. Before jumping to my experience, I would like to mention about Outreachy.

It is intended to help newcomers and contributors who are relatively new to the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community to get more involved. This is a full-time internship for three months. Participants work remotely from home. Reflective of a generally low number of women participating in the FOSS development, Outreachy provides an equal opportunity for women in FOSS. It provides Free and Open Source Software Outreach Program internships. December 2016— March 2017 is the 13th round of the program starting with one round in 2006 and then in 2010 with rounds organized twice a year. You can find more information on the official Outreachy site.

Being a part of Outreachy is matter of immense pride for me. I also believe having a program targeted specifically towards women makes easier to reach talented and passionate participants, who are uncertain about how to start otherwise.

I applied for the program so that I can start contributing to the open source organizations and I expect to learn a lot from the cool developers here at OSRF. As a contributor I think OSRF has a great team of developers. I enjoyed working with them. They are fun, highly knowledgeable, understanding,helpful and easy to work with, even for newbies like me. I am grateful to them for their help on my first contribution and feel lucky to work besides them in future.

To Sum up, I’m very happy to be accepted for Outreachy! I’m sure it will be a great internship for me. I hope it will be good work for OSRF community!

I will write more about my project,plan and goals after discussing with my mentor. Please stay tuned :)