Who’s a hero? (#walkmyworld)

I started this post for Learning Event 8 (so behind — so, terribly, woefully behind on doing my part in this community) about seventeen times. Each time, I felt worse and worse. I started by writing a story about my transformative journey from Master’s degree student to doctoral student — the catalyst (I would use instead of crisis, in this case) happened to be facing a lot of my fears and traveling to Africa to do research.

When I sat down to write it, it felt like a tired story. I pushed and pushed but it just wasn’t coming out. It was even more rambling than my posts usually are, and it was beginning to take hours and hours. This is the first sign of writers’ block. I had (have) writer’s block about my own life, and this is very discouraging. I switched briefly to writing a narrative about temporarily overcoming anxiety or depression (heroic — extremely heroic), but it was just so… it wasn’t a story I wanted to tell at this point, in this context.

At this outset of reading this almost two weeks ago, I was pumped! I wanted to originally tell a story and go through the entire circle of the hero’s journey in Tweet-form of 140 characters or less for each part of the journey. My journey. However, in hindsight, I realize not that my journey does not necessarily fit into the “mold” of the heroic journey.

I don’t really see myself as a hero — I see myself as (someday) playing a different role.

Not that I am wise (yet!) or old (yet), but the role of the wise, old sage is the one that I see myself being. While this person is usually a man and usually imbued with some sort of magic or sorcery, I am here to shake things up chromosomally — but generally, I find myself headed in this direction. I would prefer to be that learned individual who imparts knowledge to that person on the hero’s journey, that person destined for greatness. I am content to observe, learn, and disseminate information to those who need it most. I want to work with others and help them become heroes, because as we know, heroes don’t do it alone. Harry Potter, Frodo, and Katniss Everdeen (like we saw in the video) are perfect examples of those individuals that had others helping them along the way. I aim to watch, do and learn with an open head and heart. Over time, wisdom will roll along, and maybe I can catch them and pass them along to others. I am O.K. with being in the same club as the Dumbledores, Gandalfs, and Haymitch Abernathys of the world.

Someday, at least.

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