The cookie that will take you home

This cookie ad from Pepperidge Farm that was advertised in Time Magazine is a great example of using need for guidance and has the need for aesthetics. It shows these 15 appeals by having the headline that “Follow the crumbs. They will take you home”. Those few words say more than just that they will take you to your house where you sleep, use the bathroom,and eat and that is it. Those few words are saying a lot more then that. When they say it will take you home, the home where your mom made fresh cookies and you would eat the left over cookie dough; where you would dip it in the hot cookie in a cold glass of milk and enjoy the wonderful taste of hot and cold doing an elegant taste all over your taste buds.

The USP is also is saying that they would guide you home to a simpler time where there was not all this chaos and need for responsibility. Having a USP like this also shows that their target audience. The target audience would be grown adults who moved far away and are home sick and crave a taste of a family cookie. They are targeting these people because it says that they no longer live at home they are a nuclear family now and that they do not have a warm mothers embrace to make them cookies and show them that everything is okay.

The arrangement of the shot is very simple and not much was shown. You have the simple cookie on a napkin with crumbs off the napkin with a glass of milk cut off on the top right. Having it such a simple lay out would attract the eye to the biggest thing and you would see the cookie and go left to right and see the milk followed by the crumbs then you would leave the page only seeing the product on the bottom right.

The way the ad looks at a quick glance is an over simplistic ad that just wants to show a nice looking cookie to get the taste buds tingling. Yet, it is so much more. It tries to go into the authors childhood to remind them what it was like just sitting with a good cookie at the table and wanting more of mothers cookies. It was a good ad that used an elegant looking cookie with a light touch of milk in the background and a neutral colors that would not cause the other to feel outraged or over mellow about a childhood they did not have but a childhood that they can look back and remember fondly.