Living the Good Life

I was born in Arlington Heights on May 28th. I grew up with my brother, who is eight years older than me, my mother, and my father. My childhood wasn’t incredibly interesting. I joined Girl Scouts as a kid, and have continued in it, and I’m working on my Gold Award. The summer after 8th grade I went to England for a month. In high school, I joined theater tech and found my passion. I got an opportunity for a job at a production company. I am a lighting designer there and I do lighting for the shows at PHS. This song basically sums me up as a person and I used to listen to Avril Lavigne a lot.

I was at Zach’s house after going to the Indiana Dunes on the last week of summer.

This is Juliette Gordon Low and she is the woman who started Girl Scouts. She created an amazing program when there was nothing else like it. She worked very hard and followed her dreams to become a incredible leader.


I love the story of Alice in Wonderland more than most other stories and I love the idea of a completely other world. She is brave in many terrifying situations and learns a lot from even the worst people.

Vogue Uk

Emma Watson is an idol of mind because of all that she does for the world and how she has become an amazing help and an overall inspiration of mine and many others.

Cirque Du Soleil Website

This represents a dream of mine because I would love to help deign the lights for a Cirque Du Soleil. It would probably make my life.

We tend to make this mistake a lot throughout history and it’s upsetting and frankly stupid.

I feel like standardized tests are a staple of America. Most other countries do not have the same type of education. Those that a fortunate enough to have a good education tend to do it completely different than us and are often more successful.

USA Today

We have a lot of pride for our country and all the opportunities we have and all the things we have achieved.

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