Understanding and Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

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Are you waiting for someone to write a think piece on how you’ve been rewarded numerous accolades yet are unqualified to receive them? Do you ever feel like you are working on something that is going well, but somehow you still feel like you don’t even know what you’re doing? A lot of people struggle with these feelings of inadequacies when it comes to their careers and interests. It is this little voice in your head that says: “Who do you think you are?” This feeling that you are somehow faking it despite all evidence is what we now call…

Cliff Notes

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The first thing you think of when you envision most businesses is their logo and branding. Building the brand is one of the most important parts of building a business of any kind. Whether you want to open a coffee shop or run an influencer account, the way that you brand yourself will play a large role in your success. It is important for showing off who you are to potential customers so that they have a reason to choose you. For major companies, branding is known for playing an even more influential role than product identity in a lot…

What It Is, How It Works, and the Potential Profits

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Freelancing writing is now becoming a more popular career path than ever before. Traditionally, freelance writers were known for their contributions to online publications, news sources, and some corporate content. The modern freelance writer has a new look, and a lot of options when it comes to acquiring work. With this work-from-anywhere career, you can explore a wide range of different industries, spend your days learning, and find the right way to talk about all kinds of great topics. Let’s explore freelancing writing and what it has to offer.

“The freelance writing space is broad and there is a lot…

Defining Your Niche On Your Own Terms

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For years my creative direction was stifled, I felt in some areas I couldn’t get started because I didn’t have a crystal clear direction or genre. Most entrepreneur gurus will preach the need to find your niche before you do anything and not just find it but niche down. While this is not wrong, it is not absolute. Yes, before you can establish a business, you need to figure out what exactly it is that you are wanting to do. Your niche is going to be the focus of your business, no matter what kind of business you plan on…

Women / Childbirth

Staggering High Deaths For Black Women In Childbirth

Bringing a baby into this world is one of the most beautiful things that a woman can do. Many women are overjoyed at the thought of bringing their children into this world, but few think it will be their last day on earth. Studies from the Centers for Disease Control show that black women, in some cases, die almost five times as often as white women do in childbirth. This disturbing statistic has a lot of people questioning what is contributing to this crisis and the significant difference of experiences that lead to the death of black women in childbirth.

Coronavirus Essential Workers

Essentially Exhausted

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When the world shuts down and you find yourself as one of the few people who are still able to work, a lot of things become clear very quickly, there is no time to panic. It’s not a high-pressure situation at first. It’s more of a gnawing sense of anxiety. The entire world is shifting and most of the people that you know are laying low in their homes while you have to go out every day and adjust to a new kind of world. …

A Nominal Government & Private Partnership

Historic Day for NASA and SpaceX

SpaceX Crew Dragon / Space Suit

Space lovers have all been buzzing this week about a piece of history being made as NASA and SpaceX have joined forces for a historical launch. The date of the launch was originally set for May 27th but was postponed due to inclement weather. The new date was moved to May 30th. Takeoff occurred at 2:22 PM EST, this Saturday afternoon from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It certainly makes you wonder just how stressful a change like that must have been for the astronauts involved! …

Pink Tax

Gender-Based Price Discrimination All in the Color of Pink

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Times are changing fast and we are all looking to a future where women can play an improved role all around the world. For years, we have fought, clawed, and clamored for our seat at the table. We’re still waiting for that miracle where everyone realizes that women are strong, capable, and more importantly, equal. It might be slow going, but changes are happening little by little. Of course, now that we all realize just how discriminatory being and identifying as a female can be sometimes, we have also uncovered how many laws make it possible. One in particular is…

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Coronavirus is hitting hard and one area, in particular, that has been struck is the realm of dating. Before COVID-19, we were all free to go about meeting new people in a more casual way. It was totally normal to meet a guy at a bar, through a friend, or head over for some coffee with a Tinder date. Now, with the stay at home orders and social distancing in place, meeting a stranger in a public place is next to impossible. The world of dating is transforming to meet the needs of new safety and social procedures and nothing…

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The idea of self-care is a therapeutic process that involves taking care of yourself and your emotional well-being. This unique and beautiful concept is built upon the idea that we must first take care of ourselves if we want to be able to give our all, in other areas and potentially help others. Lately, self-care has been a fairly hot topic of discussion. Many of us are always looking for ways to feel better about ourselves and more centered, but the guidelines on self-care can be a little iffy. If you are not familiar with how it works, you might…

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