2015 in Review

This past year truly was a huge year for me. In so many ways so many awesome things happened, both on a personal level but also at a professional level. In fact so much happened that for the first time ever I felt the need to recap it.

I started a community..

As a long time (8 years and counting) Front-end developer (or web developer if you will) I felt a lack of community in my hometown of Copenhagen. Meetup.com really started to take of in 2014–2015 and so many small communities formed around iOS, Docker, Sketch and other fun techs. However there seemed to be something lacking for us good old front-end developers. So I decided to start my own little community of developers to talk show once every month. Enter Copenhagen Frontenders..

Now 6 months and 5 meetups later we are a strong community of 500+ developers. I am truly taken back by the massive interest in a community for people that develop things for the web. The last two months have been slow in terms of meetups (since I have been otherwise occupied) but we will be back strong in the new year.

To learn more, checkout our meetup page.

Arcade Trail

All the people who know will know about Arcade Trail. I have properly bored everyone to death at this point about “our little project” over at Robocat. I shall keep this short.

We started this project back in May when we had the idea: what if you something like Product Hunt combined with a crowdsourced IMDB for games. And that is essentially what Arcade Trail became. It is a cool site for people who are really into games and gets excited about new and upcoming titles that are being released. Arcade Trail brings people together to celebrate video games.

Not only has Arcade Trail been an exciting project to form but the tech behind it has truly evolved me into a better developer. It is the first web app of a massive size that I’ve built and that shows in the technical decisions. The code behind the project has evolved hugely since I first started the project. Having another cool web developer working with me on the project has also been awesome. It’s always great to have someone tell you how badly your code sucks :D (no sarcasm).

The personal journey

A lot of cool stuff has happened in 2015 for me personally. I won’t go into all of them here, but I’ll bring up a few cool ones.

🚗 They see me rollin’

I finally got around to taking that drivers license, and I can now travel great distances without relying on pesky unreliable busses or trains. Not only did I take the license but I also got an awesome little car. It’s a cliché but life just gets easier when you have a car!

I moved out of the city

I only lived in central Copenhagen for a few short years but I absolutely love it here. When I moved into Copenhagen I swore that I would never live anywhere else. I was perhaps a bit too hasty in that proclamation. In August my girlfriend and I found a nice and big apartment in the beautiful suburb of Søborg. It’s only 10 km away from my work and I can ride my bicycle there and back, with no problem (it’s a good workout too). I absolutely love it here. Cleaner air, fewer annoying people and bigger apartments! You should try it too.

Goodbye ITU

I finally handed in my thesis at the IT University of Copenhagen. It was a very long and boring 6 months of writing a thesis about User Experience and Interface Design of a bicycle-mounted pollution detection unit. Yikes! But now I am done (I only have left to defend the thesis).

And more..

I started to grow a big beard! I watched Cowspiracy which ruined beef for me. I decided to reduce my intake of meat. I started juicing a lot of vegetables because it tastes awesome and is healhy for you. This led to me getting a really good Slow Juicer for christmas. I started watching the awesome TV shows Homeland and House of Cards. I went to DevDK (now called One Day Out. I also went to AtTheFrontend, which was truly an awesome experience. I completed the Copenhagen Half Marathon.

And most likely a bunch of more stuff that I forgot.

All in all 2015 was a great year! Next year I start my full-time work life at my lovely workplace Robocat. I can’t wait to see what else 2016 will bring.

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