I had the pleasure of working with Shylaja Ramachandra at Facebook building *8, prior to the launch of the smart speaker, Portal product. I was extremely impressed with her knowledge, and leadership on the smart camera feature. The Portal smart camera is an AI-enabled camera that recognizes individuals, and can direct focus while users move around the focal lens. Think movie quality video calling experience with hardly any user effort!

Transcript of our Conversation:

Karen: Okay, great. So just to start, I want to thank you for speaking with me today! I am really curious to understand what interests you…

As the Google Assistant’s interpreter mode expands globally to help people communicate in real-time at places like airlines, airports and hotels, Mercy Corps is finding this AI translation technology to be extremely helpful for the humanitarian space. Last July, Mercy Corps began piloting the use of interpreter mode at our global headquarters in Portland, Oregon, to help staff focused on local programming better communicate with the diverse populations we serve in Oregon. Mercy Corps Northwest works with small businesses to provide an array of support including training, Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), and small grants. We find that many of the…

Field Notes

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