Pristine Facts and Cold-Hard Conclusions

The Kepler Space Telescope has found 10 to the 19th planets in our solar system-I like to watch PBS Nova episodes over the weekend to catch up. Looking at numbers like that, Earthling-only probabilities seem crazier than the alternatives. Where are our molecular carbon siblings bathing in that Goldie Lox brew? The signature of Life — single cells, microbes-you just gotta believe.

One of the questions on an anthropology exam I had in college was about how even Neanderthals buried their dead with flowers, given that, the most basic of human impulses is to believe there is something else beyond this world. Egyptians, Mayans, many cultures had/have elaborate burial rituals for the departed in the after-life.

And why wouldn’t there be something beyond this, something more, something different and speculatively great, and why wouldn’t there be something beyond hokey Roswell spaceships and government coverups?

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