Well. Where to begin on how to process what’s been happening in the U.S. since I arrived in China? I was just barely able to read about the violence that claimed the life of Christina Grimmie before I was inundated with the Orlando reports.

I’ve been sitting in my apartment…

Screen shots of 100% humidity and directions to find a place

Even though I last touched Chinese soil a mere 11 months ago, how quickly I forgot what daily life entails!

The pics above highlight two of those items. The first, on the left, is that no matter how many times I pumped myself up both silently and verbally (my husband…

View from 37th floor of Ascott Raffles City

How did I get here?

Like, actually for real. How am I sitting in an apartment in Chengdu, China right now?

The short answer is that I’m teaching an IAH course as part of a Michigan State University study abroad program. [IAH=undergrad general education humanities course]

The long answer is…

Pano shot of Raffles City courtyard facing the Sichuan Gymnasium

So I’m here. And I mean that in both the physical I’m-now-in-China sense, as well as the I’m-writing-digitally sense.

Awhile back our College was encouraged by our Dean (cc:Christopher Long) to write more. His suggestion was that writing is a useful way to share our ideas, sure, but what’s more…

Kate Sonka

Sweatpants connoisseur, travel aficionado, & cat enthusiast.

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