Trump’s rise to power has been controversial from the beginning. Many people were and still are against his beliefs and the way that he does things. He is the wild card. Trump came into the presidential race having no political background and demanding change. He has stepped on toes and enraged thousands upon thousands of people and yet he still won the election. How? It was most likely due to charismatic authority. Charismatic authority is someone who comes in when there is a crisis and offers a radical approach that has never been done before (Openstax, 2015). This person may rub people the wrong way but they offer a solution that no one else has tried and the people have gotten to the point where they will try basically anything. One example that can be used for Trump is that he uses the “outsider” mentality. He enters the race not as a politician but as a very successful businessman. For someone who is tired of politicians and the jargon and the empty promises, Trump would look like a breath of fresh air. He would be in the same boat as the average person. He would have plans that no other political leader would dream of and he would try to bring about radical change. Trump also plays to the emotions of the people. He speaks about horror stories that have happened and how they could repeat if nothing is done. He uses broad generalizations instead of specifics so that way people can’t prove him wrong down the road (Khazan, 2016).

Rational-legal authority is “power made legitimate by laws, written rules, and regulations” (Openstax, 2015). Trump has made the transition from being a charismatic leader to one that is now bound by law. His charisma may or may not have won him the office but now he has to prove that he is the man for the job. I believe that he will continue to use the “outsider” mentality and implement new and innovative changes. He has to live up to the image that he has created for himself.

Will his beliefs change as he goes through his term as president? Probably. Like anything, change is inevitable. Trump will go into office with these beliefs that seem as if they cannot be shaken nor changed. But as time goes on and he gets bogged down with policy and finds out that the plans that he has won’t work, he will eventually have to compromise. He will see the position for what it is and not what he thought it would be and his perspective will change and embrace every new problem that comes his way.

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