Leading a double life

Having a Twitter handle, but being forced to write intelligent stuff as you organisation wants you to be a thought leader?

Being active on Facebook but can’t say anything out of the ordinary as companies out there are scouring your profile to understand your mental state?

Wish to make a bad pun about a stereotype but can’t do so in public as no one can take a joke these days and brand you immediately as racist and / or extremist?

We think one way but show to the world that we are thinking differently. That we are thinking like the world. That we are not deviant.

We are just not being ourselves. What then is the point? Is this how depression starts? By giving a false sense of control. By giving democratic freedom on paper but not allowing you to practice any. By letting you see the beautiful nature, birds, mountains, streams from the window of an isolation chamber in which you are shackled.

Our individuality is being stolen, suppressed.

The world is rotting away. The world has forgotten how to have fun. How to live!

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