How to Make it Easier to Do Things

One thing that I like to do to coerce myself into being more productive is make the task at hand small enough that I don’t feel resistance to it. This allows me to at least start progress on what it is that I would like to do. I came across this concept a while back, reading various guides on how to improve one’s self overall.

Need to vacuum the house? Why not start with vacuuming a closet if that’s too big a task?

Consequently, you can also use this process of breaking a task in sequence to incrementally increase the size of the components (and decrease the resistance to them) the next time around.

Since then, I’ve utilized this concept to make calculated progress on many different tasks, like developing a website.

  • Listing out five domain names become a nice list of domains. That nice list of domains gets whittled down to one.
  • Checking one hosting company becomes a couple. Soon enough I have a host.
  • Committing to designing for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and hour, results in a great design. I can then take this design and develop it.
  • Eventually though a series of iterative steps, a website comes to fruition.

What tricks do you employ to increase your own productivity?

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