I Listened to a Trump Supporter
David A Hill Jr

David, thank you for caring and taking the time to not just talk to a person, who supports Trump but doing such a darn good job of capturing their viewpoint and articulating it — regardless of your own personal opinions or thoughts. You’ve demonstrated radical empathy — hopefully some of us will learn from it. I also found your link to the Salon piece by David Masciotra quite useful.

After reading your article, I felt at least from David’s rather incendiary title, that it was a sweeping generalization — both condescending and dismissive. I was surprised on reading the full piece, that there was a kernel of truth, such as democracy requiring active/informed participation and the useful link to The Culture of Fear— despite its sweeping generalizations and infantalization of all Trump supporters. Despite that (or maybe because of that) I appreciate your piece even more, as we need both the specifics (a 1000 individual stories) as much as the broad understanding of a mass phenomenon (which will necessarily fail to fit a lot of individual accounts). Now I need to learn from you and go talk to my friend and neighbor, who believes Barack Obama is something just shy of the devil (or anti-Christ).