Feeling intelligent

Education has change so as the concept of good and bad learners, intelligent or not intelligent people…

In my country I had an education that classified us like this and I spent years of my life thinking that I am not good in this and I am good in that other thing.

I believe this is a broken system, cause they just care about math’s and language, but only this two subjects don’t solve all your real problems in professions and also in life. So in college I had the opportunity to thing, for the first time in years after school had silence me, in a discipline of philosophy. That was the moment that I notice I am not prepared for don’t just repeat what was in books neither for life. After that I start to be volunteer in this discipline, then I archive a scholarship to be assistant in this moment of life of the students. In some time during this period I had contact with a theory: “ multiple intelligent” from Howard Gardner, my mind was completely different at this point so I decide to continue looking for this type of education, something different, liberator and I found this course of the University of London. In the future I believe that education will be different and I want to be part of that, I want to be that teacher that gave freedom and not be the teacher that I had that cut your possibilities so earlier.

Now I am a learner, because I believe that a learner like the professor said in this week at the course in someone spend a lots of time 
 training, leaning. Like I already learn here, learn it’s about opportunities, and I am here to learning how to give my students (in the future), to create an environment good to all of them be good learners.

I have been learning a lots of things by myself and this make me feel intelligent!


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