Weekend Update: The Beginning of a 21st Century Student Campaign


This is the first of many Medium posts you’ll see from us over the next year. Every weekend, we’re going to publish a “Weekend Update” on Friday or Saturday to give you the exciting news concerning our brand new student campaign in the Sunflower State. These posts will be authored by our statewide executive board, our university leadership, and our members at K-State, KU, Benedictine, Wichita State, and schools all across Kansas. Sometimes, we may just provide a quick bullet-pointed list of what’s going on. Other times, things will be a little wordier. The cool thing about Medium is that it gives you a heads up on how long it’ll take you to read a post, so you can decide whether you’re ready for the commitment before you start reading.

In this post, I figured I’d put links to all of our new social media accounts in one place:

We’re in the early stages of building what will be one of the most innovative and transparent state-level youth campaigns in the country this cycle. If you’re ready to get involved, just fill out this quick form.

See you next weekend!

In life and liberty,



Evan T. Steckler is the C.E.O. and State Chair of Kansas Students for Rubio