K. Stamper Project 4 part 7

For this iteration of my layouts, I wanted to create a spread that used a lot of bolder imagery to create feeling in the piece. The cover will have a large photo on the front with the inside cover being a large black and white photograph of the protests in Nigeria. This is one of the main reasons for the creation of her project, so I feel like this image will be the starting point for the story of the article. I would like the other two images in that spread to be ones Adesuwa took herself to help illustrate her feelings about what she is explaining in the article. On the next spread, I am continuing to play with that idea of one picture transitioning from black and white into color. On the left half of the spread will be in black and white while the right will be in full color. I also plan to feature images of the jewelry line itself, as this part of the article details her process in creating the jewelry. In actually creating the spreads, I realized that the q&a portion of the article would be best on the last spread instead of spread out over two spreads like in my intital layout sketches.

In this next iteration of my layout, I wanted to play on the idea of having a small part of the article start on the front cover. I think this layout could also have potential playing with the cut out and placement of the text on the cover. The first spread is similar to the second spread of my first layout in having a centerfold image, but this one will not be a transition. I want this image to be more of a focal point of the black and white part of my spread. I made the margins of this spread a lot bigger and I definitely want to play around with possibly using some of my graphic elements (face line drawings) in the white spaces. The second spread will only feature the jewelry line. Most of the images are black and silver with just some pops of color in the gems. This page will serve as the transitional spread where the final spread will be full color with the q&a portion of the article.



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