My family is awesome. I have a hot bride that challenges me. Brandi is as real as they get. She keeps me straight a pushes me to be the best I can be. She desires us not to get complacent with our marriage. I need her everyday actively in my life.

Spent 5 minutes alone with each kid this evening.

1st Emily on the drive from the field house softball practice. Talked all sport. 1st about SB practice and her pitching, then to the JH basketball games I reffed and finally the Westridge 8th grade boys basketball game she went to.

2nd Joe. He was reading a massive book. Getting towards the end. He explained what was going on and he is excited about the 7th book in series. Then told me about a friend he played with after school before basketball practice.

Finally Payton. He talked about the NW-Aurora BBB game. Then we talked about his desire to fix his walking pattern.

As I get ready for bed I think about the perspective of my God. He is not above me hovering over like a heaven cop ready to bust me. But rather sitting with me. Want to be the best Father possible. Josh Sikes at TCCC gave us a great visual of this. I Jesus Christ is a camera, is it a drone hovering or a camera phone right with you being your best friend. My perspective is messed us. JC is hovering, but I am asking for help. “Lord I need you. I need you with me. I desire to have you hold me with deep grace as I mess up and guide me through this walk of life. Walk with me and Brandi as we lead our family”.

Totally spontaneous post. My Posting ‘Virginity’is gone. Thanks for inspiring me Tony.

P.S. I am not going to proofread this. This is who I am. On my phone laying in bed, in the dark listening to my lovely wife sleep. She deserves to sleep for days.

I love Her.

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