We’ve Got Your Back
Sam Liccardo

My great grandparents came to the U.S.A. in the early twentieth century from Sicily. Though most people classify me as “white” because of my skin tone, my father is so dark most of the 40% of the people whose backs you got, who started their journey south of our border often assume him to be a fellow countryman.

From what I saw of your mayoral campaign, I appreciated that it was issues based, avoided personal attacks and did not engage in identity politics or pandering. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of your statement.

Given that 40% of the people of this area came from another country I happen to know a few of them. It is factually incorrect to describe all these people as living “in fear”. I do not know you Mr. Mayor, but I do not take you to be stupid or ignorant and assume you know this. The only ones afraid are those that are afraid that the immigration law will be enforced. This makes them afraid because they broke the law.

Hate crimes in San Jose? Last weeks reported attack at SJSU is a llittle out of your jurisdiction isn’t it? Is “our sparsely-staffed police” now taking over for the SJSUPD and patrolling state lands? You wrote:

“The immigration status of the victim or of the reporting party do not matter, and will not be reported.”

Does The immigration status of the alleged perpetrator matter?

After flaunting respect for federal law, you then go on to say you will protect “constitutional rights”. Is that the same Constitution that guarantees that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty? Yet you cited an attack at SJSU in which no arrest has been made thus know trial, there is no video or witness to the attack and oddly enough their is no description of the attacker (The same “crime” was reported at a San Diego college and another college in Louisiana . The latter has already been shown to be a made up incident. You cited this incident as if a defendant had been found guilty of a crime. The fact is that no assault or hate crime has been shown to have taken place.

Here is some video apparently shot by someone committing hate crimes in San Jose. Since you blamed these documented assaults on Trump, these thugs already know you got their backs.

Why would the feds use SJPD when they have ICE/INS? It’s funny this is even in your statement since federal policing agencies work primarily with county sheriffs. Even the illegal immigrants know this but apparently you don’t.

Of course immigrant entrepreneurs launch half of our new businesses when their permits and applications are fast tracked while residents who happen to be U.S. citizens must wait the better part of a year for a permit to be approved. Since its obvious that you cannot distinguish between a legal and illegal immigrant how many of those immigrant entrepreneurs actually open their businesses legally?

I don’t know about the French revolution, but the writings and actions of the American revolutionaries showed that te peoples worst enemy was their own government. Your statement above and your reactions to violent illegal immigrants has once again proven those men to be correct.

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