My journey to becoming a technology nerd; a quirky spin on life working in the I.T. world. From where I share my day-to-day work adventures, laugh out loud learning experiences and food for thought industry trends.

Today I tried ramen for the first time. Like, legit mouthwatering ramen from Moto-i. It was so amazing. Indulging in life’s simple pleasures, getting a taste of new experiences and exploring cultures, exploring anything really, is what excites me the most. I am an enthusiast, dreamer and go-getter- And that is why I am here.

My name is Kim and I have just entered the sexy world of I.T.. and truth be told, I don’t know a whole lot about it just yet, other than I know I have what IT takes (Nice Pun, I know) to be successful in this industry. Here I sit at my new desk (three days broken in), in a very green building in Uptown listening to Groove Armada and sipping on blood orange liquor. Relax- it’s 5:35, and they don’t provide us with a fully stocked liquor cabinet for nothing! On-Demand Group is the name of this wonderful place and I am thrilled to be here.

…so there you have it, a very small glimpse into my life, currently. Although I am weird and interesting, I’m not a very clever person, so I didn’t put a lot of thought into the name of this blog. kim will do. All three letters lower-case, as my best friend suggested. I thought maybe just leave the “i” lower-case like Apple.. that’s techy, right?

What I DO know about the IT world is that the people are perceived to be mostly introverts. Amirite? That’s just what I hear! Well, I am not at all an introvert and from what I gather these first few days, neither are my co-workers. I’ll just say, “That’s what she said” is a common saying around here. I am starting this blog as a recommendation from the training video I watched. Being that I already feel like an outsider in this industry and this firm is anything BUT ordinary, I took Dan Fisher’s advice. Why not document this experience from my very first week in this new world? Share what I am learning with all of you other industry nerds and learn from all of the gurus as I start from rock bottom and work my way up!

This won’t just be all business chatter — our daily outrageous conversations will be shared so you can live vicariously through our awesome team, the great craft cocktail and ‘best burger’ I had at last night’s happy hour and maybe some images I pull off my Instagram and snap story.. I work in IT now- pretty sure that means “snapping” is an encouraged part of my day-to-day life, right? …This won’t suck. ;)

My name is Kim and this is my journey to becoming an IT nerd.

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