Virtual Reality Decentralized Platform

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Aug 9 · 2 min read

Virtual Reality Decentralized Platform

VR and blockchain — two technologies which appeared at the beginning of a new era of information progress. More and more projects use a blockchain in real business, and virtual reality not an exception. Thanks to a blockchain of the VR platform become safer, transparent, effective, anonymous and independent. The blockchain allows keeping confidentiality of the user data and prevents any impact on information from the outside. Possibly, virtual reality — one of those industries which needs it most of all.

Further we will sort why to them a decentralized and in what their main differences from each other:

1. Decentralized creates the platform of virtual reality which users will be able to create, sell and buy virtual items, applications and other content. The focus of the platform — on creation of game virtual space which owners will be users.
2. Arcona is a platform of augmented reality. The difference is that augmented reality assumes creation of the virtual content tied to certain geographical locations in the real world.
3. The decentralized ecosystem for virtual and augmented reality is built by the Mark. Space project. The platform offers creation of virtual spaces for business and entertainments is planned to store in the decentralized storage
4. The emphasis on virtual reality does other project which also creates the virtual Universe Viarium. This platform suggests creating the infinite number of the virtual worlds which can be used for promotion of goods and services of the companies of the real sector.
5. Focus on creators of content in virtual and augmented reality is made in the Cappasity project. According to its founders, VR market, though develops prompt rates, strongly suffers from lack of qualitative content. On the decentralized Cappasity platform participants can create, place, exchange, sell content.
As well as in a case with Arcona, the main function of a blockchain in the Cappasity project is a protection of copyright of content.

Despite abundance the blockchain projects, deeper analysis shows that in the market of blockchain platforms of virtual reality there is not a lot of serious players. The most perspective of them are focused on various categories of consumers, it means that all will have enough place under the virtual sun.

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