People, Emotions and Me

I look around and find people struggling, struggling to fit into the world within and around, getting ruptured between the two. I look at people and see sadness in the eyes and smile on the face. I find loneliness in a person surrounded by a crowd. I sense when a person feels lost or lonely, depressed or angry. And I realized the best thing I can do to people is be with them through it.

In the seven years of my growing attachment towards Psychology, I realized that everything is dependent on nature of people, especially emotions. In these seven years I learnt to understand a person. I learnt to value a person’s emotions and nature, I learnt to support them. But it started with looking into myself. I counsel people but I was my first case study. It is through that I learnt all that.

There were times when I could help people with their problems. There were people who felt comfortable letting their mind open and emotions loose with me. And for me, those are among the most valuable moments. It in those times when I help people with their emotions, when I can bring light into their darkness, show a path when they are lost, or just be with them in their loneliness, desperation or emotions bursts, that I feel most purposeful. It is those in times that I feel most alive and happy.

Money, career, status doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t value them the same. I learnt they are just things we attach our emotions to. But the emotions, it is them that I value the most. Isn’t it what we do anything for? Look into yourself. Why do you do what you do? Maybe money or luxurious life or passions. But in the fundamental level, you go behind them because they appeal to you, that you believe that they give you happiness. It comes back to our emotions.

Emotions are powerful, they are even scary but they are part of us. They define us. I wish I can make a difference to a few people in their lives. And when it happens, I knew, I will feel the best.