As we glide through life, we change. We change continuously, gradually and irrevocably. Everything we go through influences us and all those influences accumulate in us making us what we are. Bottom line? We transform both consciously and unconsciously.

So many times. So many times when I think of my nature or of the choices I made some time back I couldn’t help laughing at how foolish and immature I was. But at that time I was very confident of they being the best choices. Even now I believe in my choices, believe my nature now is mature. But I also thoroughly believe that I will be proved to be wrong in at least a few things down the time lane. Isn’t it beautiful? This journey of transformation, of growth, of life?

Anyone who know me for some time know the magnitude and rapidity at which I changed in the past seven years. I realized two things from it. First, we don’t change completely. There is a part of us which remains constant. That core nature remains with us through time even if we like it or not. We need to accept that part of us. We can’t run away from it. Over time we can make our qualities more dominant but that little part stays with us. But a huge part of us transform, mostly subconsciously. But what if we consciously learn from our experiences and integrate them into us? We grow better. We learn more. Second, it is not about the destination. It is all about journey. There is no destination in this journey. We continuously transform and no matter how much we change, there will be things to improve. It is all about enjoying this moment and learning as much as we can from it. So enjoy the journey :)