New Media Applications

The iWatch

Released by Apple in April 2015 the iWatch is said to be the new way of being able to do the things we use our phones for everyday much more conveniently and easily. One of the main features of the iWatch is that it allows us to receive and respond to notifications, when messaged by a friend the iWatch alerts you with a ‘tap’. The iWatch also allows you to respond to these messages with provided answers to select from or you have the option of using the voice control system which the iWatch will then translate your message into a written text. This is due to the iWatch not having a keyboard feature. Before it’s release in 2015 Apple ensured that third party companies including social networking sites and internet messaging apps were able to ensure their apps would support use from an iWatch. This means popular apps such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp are accessible to iWatch users. Some users of the iWatch believe that it completely minimises the need to have your phone with you, It is also believed that the use of the iWatch will become a natural process such as sleeping, eating and breathing. It is believed that the iWatch will have a high impact on society, many think that this wearable piece of technology will provide companies with different ways to communicate, provide support for and sell products to their customers. It is also said that the iWatch will change the way that users interact with each other and will lead to new forms of communication in the younger generations. However, in the past there have already been several companies producing Smart Watches but none of them have managed to generate much of an appeal in the mass market. I believe that the iWatch is popular just now, recently after its launch date due to its modern design and range of colour and size options. However I don’t think it will make much of an impact on society and think in the future it will really only be desired by sport enthusiasts who can use its technology to monitor their heart rate while out on a run or people who like the idea of it as a fun accessory. The small screen of the iWatch and its limited capabilities due to it running on iOS means it can’t replace the iPhone, users will need technology that can keep up with things they do on a daily basis, specifically video and Photo-sharing , social networking, and surfing the web. These are areas in which the iWatch proved to be very slow so users would find themselves going back to their iPhone. Many people also prefer to use Android phones and due to this the number of potential customers for the iWatch are limited due to it only being compatible with the newer iPhones.

The iPad Pro

Launched in November 2015, the iPad Pro is a very recent product launched by Apple which specifically features a much larger screen than previous iPads produced such as the iPad 2 and the iPad Air. This new iPad can be purchased along with a pen for creative drawing and a keyboard for easier typing rather than using the touch screen. The pen allows for creatives to produce detailed drawings, these can even be put onto a Macbook later in software such as Photoshop. The iPad pro is said to be able to replace the Macbook, however I don’t think this is the case. The iPad pro, although smaller and lighter than a Macbook is still much larger than previous iPad models therefore is a lot less portable. Users won’t simply be able to carry them around in the same way they would their iPhone and due to the similarities for what both the iPad and iPhone can do there isn’t much of a need to have both. If the user has an iPhone, it being more portable and able to do more without the need to be connected to an internet source means it would be used instead of the iPad. It has also been noticed by several iPad users that the load time for websites is very slow which means that accessing the internet is not as easy as it should be. I think the future of the iPad pro and other previous versions of the iPad will remain where they are at the moment, the iPad will remain as a portable alternative to laptops when it comes to small tasks such as note-taking, internet surfing and forms of social networking such as Facebook that don’t involve managing large numbers of files or photographs. This is due to the fact that because iPads run on iOS unlike MacBooks which run on OS X they can’t multi task or handle saving different files.

The Macbook Pro

The Macbook Pro was launched in 2013, slightly bigger than the previous macbook introduced by apple the Macbook Pro was designed with faster processors and much stronger, defined graphics particularly in the Retina model. One view that I disagree with is that a Windows computer will work faster, run more efficiently and is kept more up to date. In my opinion this makes the Macbook Pro a very suitable computer to work on, whither its for creatives using memory-consuming softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign or people using it for music production using softwares such as GarageBand. When comparing a Macbook to a Windows computer it all comes down to preference for the user. MacBooks are able to download and save any files, apps are available from the widely used App Store and apps can also be shared across your other Apple devices through the iCloud. The Macbook will easily work for quickly uploading photographs on sites such as Flickr, it also works fine with the standard widely used social networking sites, Facebook, twitter and Instagram. In my opinion however accessing these sites isn’t as simple as accessing them on another device such as an iPhone or an iPod. On a Macbook social networking sites widely used to day need to be accessed by going through an internet search browser. This is different to the way that consumers can download an app on their iPhone which can then connect them to friends and they can then receive notifications relating to their social media account. I believe that the Macbook Pro can continue to go far in the future with further developments and upgrades as well as more versions, for example at the moment the number of games available for users to play on mac is considerably less than on pc. Although, It does display information and photographs well on the new Pro Retina screen and loading times for internet browsers are very fast.

Android Smart Phone

Example (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge)

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is a now very popular Android system smart phone launched in April of 2015 which comes with some Microsoft apps including Skype, OneDrive and OneNote. Most smart phones produced now have a slim and modern design similar to that of the iPhone. Where users of iPhones have access to the app store, users of android phones have access to the PlayStore, both now having a very large number of free and paid for apps from social networking sites like Facebook, to video sharing apps such as vine and youtube. One opinion when it comes to smart phones is that Apps available from the Apple App store are better quality than those on the Android PlayStore. Android has a huge number of apps available for users to download, it can even be said that it allows users more freedom than if they were downloading from the Apple app store. This is due to the fact that with an android phone, you can download software from both the playStore and online where the Apple App store is much more controlled with what downloads it allows. It is also a lot easier to transfer photographs and videos on an android device as it is easy to connect to a computer. Android and Apple smart phones are both widely used in society for everyday communication, with the introduction of social networking and photo and video sharing sites in the form of apps users are able to use these devices to connect with friends and family wherever they are and have conversations with multiple people at the one time rather than having to send text messages or be on a computer somewhere while they are away from home. Therefore I feel that Android smart phones will continue to be popular in years to come. The many different versions of Android phones means they can appeal to everyone so I feel the estimate of 6.1 billion users of smart phones by 2020 showing a huge increase from the 2.6 billion at the moment will prove to be an accurate estimate.

New Media Notes

iPad Pro -

Launched 2015


Monstrously powerful

Big-screen tablet

Perfect for artists, illustrators and other creatives

Similar design principles of the iPad Air 2, but much larger scale.

Pen (additional purchase) for extra creative freedom

Faster Processors

Runs on iOS not the Macbook system OS X so is limited

Limited in terms of gaming — not a lot of apps introduced to fully support it yet

Limited in terms of saving and viewing files

Problems due to slow loading time on the internet

Requires being connected to an internet source for most of its features

Apps supplied by the Apple App Store

Can’t handle downloading very many files

Macbook Pro-

Launched 2013

Runs on OS X system — very fast

Unlikely to be effected by viruses common in Windows computers

Lack of apps — need to go through internet browsers to access

Share Apps through iCloud with other devices

Fast processors- works well for creatives, who use memory consuming softwares-Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign

Variety of different MacBooks available — Pro Retina/Air

Recognised as being not very good for gaming due to lack of games being released with a Mac version.

Can’t access sites as simply as you can on an iPod Touch or iPhone where you are able to download apps for sites such as social media and video sharing.

Able to handle downloading any type of file easily, big or small

The iWatch

Launched 2015

Believed to be the new way of communication

Said to be more convenient

Reduces the need to have your iPhone with you at all times

Alert friends with a ‘tap’

You can send them a heartbeat or send drawn images to each other

Apple notified third party companies to ensure apps for social media and other widely used sites produced apps that worked with the iWatch

Ability to translate a spoken message to a written text

List of provided answers to respond to friends with

Believed use of the iWatch will become a natural process

Provides new ways of interaction between companies and their customers

Limited capabilities due to running on iOS

Can’t completely replace the need to have your phone around due to the need for access to internet web surfing, social media and photo-sharing on a bigger screen

Only compatible with newer iPhones and no android phones means customers are limited

Android Phones (Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge)

Launched 2015

Comes with Skype, OneDrive and OneNote

Modern design to compete with iPhone

Range of paid for and free apps from the PlayStore

PlayStore has a larger number of Apps than Apples App Store

It is said there is much more freedom on Android for apps as the PlayStore has an extensive range of apps while also allowing users to find and download further apps online

AppStore doesn’t allow this and there is much more control on what apps are allowed onto the AppStore and where you can download from

A lot easier to transfer photos and videos from an Android phone by just connecting it to a computer

Continuing popularity

Much larger range of Smart Phones compared with the iPhone range

Continuing appeal due to plenty of selection for customers

6.1 billion people using smart phones by 2020 estimated compared with the 2.6 billion just now shows numbers are to rise dramatically



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