“If Saul Leiter visit Tokyo and shoot Shibuya city“Part.01 [Enchanted by photographer Saul Leiter.and then…]

Red umbrella,Yellow Taxi,Rain / Typical Saul Leiter

It was June 2017 that I known of Saul Leiter.
I usually don’t go photography exhibition.But I was curious about Saul Leiter when I watch his photographs on the web.and I decided to go to his exhibition.

I was often shooting pics exceptional compositions and perspectives, at still life/flowers/street and I love the exceptional shot.and I’m shooting at rainy night at street.somtimes I shoot glitch photographs.

So, I was enchanted by his works when I saw his special works at Shibuya Bunkamura.

And then… I started to shoot pics of Saul Leiter style as 
“If Saul Leiter visit Tokyo Japan and shooting Shibuya city”
(for Japan “もしソール・ライターが渋谷を撮影したら。”).
I titled that “Enchanted by photographer Saul Leiter.and then…”
(for Japan”ソール・ライターに魅せられて”).

I’m so glad if you feel my pics as style of Saul Leiter and enjoy.

Showing Imperfection
Blue woman
Phone booth
Hide and seek
No Face / Typical Saul Leiter
Light up your life
view from above at snowly night at Shibuya/ Typical Saul Leiter
Red umbrella at snowly night at Shibuya.
Human vs Nature at Snowly ngiht at Shibuya.

Thanks for watching my project that inspired by Saul Leiter!!

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