Once A Dancer Always A Dancer

Ever in a fitness class behind someone who is making everything look good? Or share a mirror in barre class with a chick who’s tucking and pulsing like she’s in a music video? Elegant burpees, dainty push-ups, and fancy footwork with swagger… who is this person? She’s a dancer. She’s got style, she’s got grace, she’s a lady.

After a dancer hangs up her shoes her body doesn’t forget how to dance. After a pregnancy, college, or even attempting another sport, her body might not look like a dancer, but her soul will always be filled with movement. The rhythm in her feet persist with every step she takes in her life. You can take the girl out of dance class, but you can’t take the dance out of the girl.

1. You can remember practically every song that you’ve ever performed a dance to, and even some class combos you really loved. If you’re really a brainiac, you can remember some of the choreography. Every time you hear it, no matter how long it’s been, it all comes rushing back. Even the terrible costume traumas.

2. You have dance dreams and they are usually really good or really bad. The good ones where you kill it on stage or in class, knowing the steps, turning for days, nailing the lifts (yeah, lifts). The bad ones are the ones where you have no idea what the steps are. Faking it, three counts behind everyone else. Falls, failures, and costume malfunctions haunt your slumber. The stage is a scary place.

3. You can still do the splits and will do so on command to prove points and win bets. #pussytotheearth

4. Some people sing in the car, but you’re probably dancing in the car. Lots of shoulder work, a hand gesture, head nods, body roll to the waist.

5. No one can beat you at dancing video games. Dominate! You’re like a sleeper cell. Forget Mario Cart, bring on the Michael Jackson Experience.

6. Fourth Position Turned Out is your resting state, hand on hip. Or chilling in passe with a flat foot to the knee like a flamingo. And you can always clap to the beat with a step touch.

7. Your training and flexibility doesn’t exactly make you the perfect yogi. You are externally rotated for life. The first time you were corrected for it in yoga class you want to yell at someone, and you fight it in every practice.

8. You can put any group into a formation and get super pissed when someone doesn’t stay in their “window.” You also remember making little Xs in your notebook for cool formations, putting the best shorty at the point of the pyramid.

9. You see dances in your head whenever you get a new favorite song, and sometimes you break out into spontaneous dancing when the mood strikes you. Still makes you the happiest to shake it to a beat.

10. The kitchen is still the best place to practice your turns, and also moonwalking workshops with friends.

11. While at weddings, bachelorette parties, or with cover bands at a dive bar, you surprise everyone and bust it out like you’ve been rehearsing for weeks. You can’t be stopped. Every song is a song you just HAVE to dance to. You dance like nobody’s watching. And girl, you look good.

12. You’re form is flawless in every fitness class, and you won’t ever show it on your face that it’s a challenge. You can keep up with your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother at the gym, cause you were a dancer, the ultimate athlete.

13. You and your dance friends will always share special memories. It was a team like no other, a fraternity of movement addicts and soul searchers. That dance family and those experiences shaped you into the women you are today. Compassionate, competitive, musical, and poised.

Share this with a dancer in your life. It’s never too late to start dancing or begin again. Sign up for a ballet class, take up tango, or youtube some how-tos. My husband and I have been saying we’d take a ballroom class for years… about time I pulled the trigger. I will if you will!

Love and miss my dance family.

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