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This evasive and fraudulent news release brings me to a sad, reflective pause. It brings to mind the incredible anguish the lonely character “the Giver,” (from Lois Lowery’s dystopian novel of the same name) felt from keeping all of the emotional pain of his fellow citizens within himself. As “the Giver,” his role was to internalize their collective memories, freeing them to live in oblivion from their sorrows and past mistakes. As his society’s designated “thinker,” his role was to keep it’s history and memories within useful reach, enabling all others to live in blissful ignorance. We cannot let those in power shield us from harsh truths as they strive toward short-sighted and selfish quests for personal gain. We are too smart to be fooled by their false panaceas. We want to feel our collective guilt, feel our collective pain and work together to arrive at viable climate solutions for all of us.

You cannot bury the truth with your fake bullshit propaganda. We humans are causing massive damage to this beautiful planet. The truth must be told.

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