2. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

This book. Thiiiiis book. I cannot bring myself to watch the film adaptation, although I heard that it’s Stanley Kubrick intense genius. This book is a troubled human’s paradise. It has robbery, murder, rape, and herds of cats.

I don’t even like cats, but at one point, the main character beats up an ELDERLY WOMAN WHO HAS NO FAMILY MEMBERS EXCEPT FOR HER COLLECTION OF CATS. I’m not crazy about cats (#loyaltytoTrixie), however, this is atrocious!! The poor cats try to assemble into a little feline army to attack Alex (horrible viscous turd who murders/rapes/kills people) but are unsuccessful. He ends up killing this poor elderly woman!

This book is not my cup of tea. I actually used to hate reading because I did not know it could be enjoyable. Then I went to college and I realized reading didn’t have to be the emotional equivalent of a wisdom teeth removal.

So I started reading happy books that began and ended with unicorns, polka-dots, and happiness. That was my jam. A Clockwork Orange offers nothing of the sort.

However, the writing is phenomenal, makes you question human nature, and is also hilarious. Anthony Burgess, you literary genius lil minx.

This is apparently what Alex looks like in the movie. I am 40000% comfortable with my decision in not watching the movie. He embodies creepiness and I want to never look at this picture ever again.