Gone Girl (#5) is Insane and WE ARE ALL DOOMED.

So I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I have so many thoughts. I can’t even begin to touch them.

I’m afraid that I’m going to spoil the entire book if I share my feelings on one particular character. So I guess I won’t.

Anyway, read this book. This book is so outside of my comfort zone. I see Dateline commercials on my television and I contemplate setting the piece of equipment on FIRE. Murder and all its mysteriousness make me very sad.

HOWEVER, Gone Girl is an exceptional piece of writing. Flynn achieves so much in this book. Her one characterization technique is beyond innovative. I want to talk about it (scream at my computer) but I can’t express my genuine feelings without ruining everything.

So go read it and thus prepare to want to throw the book out your apartment window and pray to all of the saints your grandmother has ever mentioned. Good luck.