Imagine that wizards are playing blackjack. They can use magic power so they may return a card when they bust and they draw a card that they just want, like below:

(If you want to play Magic21 impulsively by this GIF, download Magic21 from here 😆)

What is this?

Magic21 is the online two-player card battle based on Blackjack. The difference with normal blackjack is that you can cast spells that may be game-changer.

At the beginning of the match, you are just an elementary wizard. But you can level you up while the match. To level you up, you need to spend…

Hi, I’m Koya, a solo mobile game developer. I released Magic21, the realtime 2-players card game whose rule is based on blackjack in February 2020. It is a logical and strategic game but also you need your own luck and to read the opponent’s mind. It is available on App Store and Google Play Store. Download it here!

Trailer Version 0.2.0

There are 2 key features of Magic21.

  • A real-time turn-based game: slow-paced, not latency-sensitive
  • 2-players game

To achieve these, matchmaking and battle in real-time are required. And obviously, something codes on the server is necessary. Then I decided to…

Koya Tamura

I’m a mobile game developer using Unity C#, Firebase (Typescript on Cloud Functions).

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