Life is amazing?

I have been gifted with a life… Really? Is it really a gift? For many people on earth, it’s not a gift rather a curse! Those who suffer from various incurable diseases, aftereffects of wars… They all just want to end their lives rather than leading a miserable life! But considering my life, i have all the fortunes that one needs to have to live happily. Still i’m sad… because of one question which i’m not able to answer! why am i here on earth? Do i have a purpose here?

In a grand scheme of things, we are all insignificant! In this vast universe, the presence or absence of human beings is not going to make any difference . Vastness of universe both temporally and spatially makes human beings insignificant in terms of all the dimensions, space or time that we occupy.Many people are being born on earth every day, they grow enjoying life, they are all being busy with their own works which many don’t even know why they are doing those for, don’t care for each other faking a smile on lips and that’s all about relationships for many of them and at the end, they will all die. What I’m not getting is what is all this for!

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